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This exercise is to identify Cheley's preferences for logo style and typography. Each of the following pages have three logos per page. Please select the option on each page that you feel best exemplifies the aesthetic that Cheley would identify with, based on our previous conversations. There may be some pages that don't have any you particularly like—no problem, just pick the one that offends you the least! You can get rid of it in the next round.

DON'T pay attention to the actual subject matter in the logos, or the colors, for that matter—these are for stylistic preferences in typography and overall layout only.

DO think about the brand voice and personality attributes that we discussed, and that you have developed with the web designers. Things to pay attention to are the style of the type, sans serif, serif, geometric, hand-drawn, etc.? Is the logo contained in a shape or is it more free form? Is the illustration more realistic or abstract? Does it show action or is it more stable and still?

There are nine groups of three, and then you will narrow those down in a second round, finally narrowing it down to one—this is not necessarily the direction we will go, but this gives a good idea for your preferences, as well as alignment among the team.

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