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Brand Positioning and Design for Hospitality and Culinary Products

Carefully Crafted Design

For years, I’ve developed striking visual communications for a variety of culinary clients—both restaurant branding and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) design. I dive deep into each project to make sure design decisions are based on solid brand positioning, sound brand strategy, and innovative marketing tactics that create real value, for both your brand and the consumer, all while ensuring that your story is being told in line your brand’s unique mission and values.

Spot-on Production

Poor production can ruin even the most beautiful design concept. With years of production experience and a knack for experimentation, not only do I have the chops to back up the most complex design solutions, I have the knowledge necessary to push the envelope and create solutions that help any brand stand out in a busy marketplace—from creative packaging design to menu design that increases profitability.

Not trendy…aware of trends

Trends are constantly emerging and it’s important to not have shiny object syndrome when creating a solid brand. On the other hand, failing to recognize what’s on the horizon, both technologically and creatively, can also limit a brand’s success. Keeping up with industry, design, and technology trends allows me to serve my clients more effectively and avoid being blind-sided by the “next big thing”…which might not be as big as people think.

The Sky Is the Limit

I’ve worked with boutique design studios for local clients and large agencies, working with Fortune 500 companies. My design philosophy takes the best of both of these worlds—the agility and experimental ethos of a boutique studio and the big-picture thinking and design process of an agency—to create truly unique solutions that are hard to accomplish in the silos of a traditional workflow. Whether you’re a small restaurant group or a food product on the rise, with Thermic, you have the expertise and partnerships to get to the next level.